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This Is How

Your words. The ones I wanted to hear. The ones I was meaning to say to you. Not to write – I thought some of them ought to be said looking into the eyes before they were written in letters. I thought if this superstition was disregarded, the higher powers would close the roads that lead us to each […]

The Grand Mismatch. Oh Sorry – It’s “Say You Love Me”

I wish you’d chosen me… to be next to everything you continue to have.


I can make you happy. If you didn’t want or couldn’t have kids, I would not want them any more. I could give you as much space and freedom as you liked. I would take care of you in a wheelchair and love you every day. I think I would love you even if you […]

Chant de la Lointaine

… Je serai, dans ton coeur, l’été sans fin des îles Du Sud, un paysage vierge où tes accords Connaîtront la beauté de se sentir dociles Au rythme élyséen des lignes de mon corps ;


i don’t own my words they are of us both i don’t own my love


I like the way your mind works. /…/ Like a library of exotic sweets, rich paintings, flowing poetry, eternal music and literary knowledge in one… I also came across a few volumes of liberation and a magnum opus of pure light, passion and tenderness. A place to revel and swim in natural bliss… Though I’m still […]

On Things We Say

I was sitting on the terrace last Friday night, having a smoke for the first time after seven years, thinking about something I’d said that day. My colleague and I were having lunch in the office kitchen earlier and talking something until I saw her round eyes raised at me when she asked: Did you […]

The Prophet

Found a little something.

The Room of Words

We have a room, you and I. Nothing like incidental hotel rooms I’ve been to, or suffocating little places where I’d never bring visitors.