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Warming up

I must confess, I can only wear glasses for a limited period of time. I soon start feeling uneasy, like a nerd that I am anyway, but who likes to think of oneself as another-way-of-sexy most of the time. Well, that’s all I can do. And yes, I do feel like I’m growing old. Still […]

Preppy Cute?

Wearing b. young leather dress, grey marl jacket borrowed from Mrs. Nielsen (not sure ’bout the brand – Esprit?), Mango leggings, Gabor boots from Pudrine boutique, paisley scarf from Camden town – it’s like a hundred years old, then this bag from a vintage boutique with a very vague name (Vintage Boutique?) and H&M gloves […]

If I Were a Boy

Went to listen for some poetry at In vino after a day running out and about. This sports vibe isn’t quite my cup of tea but just rarely enough, wen I feel a bit like a boy… Wearing paprika sweater, Jaspal shorts, Zara satchel, Melissa wedges, Ray Ban spectacles and vintage earrings. By the way, […]

Stripey Sunday

Sunday in Nida was perfect. Sunny and warm… The head was clean of anything mundane. I really loved the weekend. Wearing milla lace-detail sweater, H&M striped mini dress, ASOS wet-look leggings, Converse sneakers, Ray ban shades and a Thai silk scarf. Pia’s wearing H&M sweater and leggings, pink dress and hat (c/o Mrs. Nielsen), Akuku […]

Sunshine Saturday

Wore my new ASOS jumper and silk parachute pants, atmosphere jacket and Melissa wedges. Also vintage brooch, paisley scarf and Ray Ban spectacles. As long as I’m standing, the pants are alright: they’re natural, lightweight and good-looking. Better not to try and kneel or sit, though – already sewed the bottom and there’s always a […]


Wearing ASOS top, Levi’s jeans, Ray Ban spectacles, d.co Copenhagen boots and Rouge Coco Cambon 31. Photo: Augustas Gutautas.

Out And About

Been some furniture shopping on Saturday and found this cool bookshelf at Daiktu Viesbutis – will show it when arrives. By the way, was really impressed by the staff – perhaps owners? Genuinely friendly! Wearing peppercorn dress (c/o Mrs. Nielsen), atmosphere jacket, Zara satchel, Les Tropeziennes heels, Ray Bans, vintage brooch and purple necklace (c/o […]

Odense before Easter

There are many monuments in Odense that represent the fairy-tales of Hans Christian Andersen. Below, I’m standing next to the tin soldier… …and his spare legs 🙂 Now this is a very dirty sculpture to my very dirty mind. However, it represents “The Darning Needle”. Bought some hair accs at H&M that you’ll see soon. […]

Strolling in Copenhagen

Strangely enough, I’ve never been to Copenhagen before. I’d say the city’s a nice architectural resemblance to Amsterdam, however not as drastically hedonistic in its atmosphere. Denmark in general seems to me as a good climate to raise kids, as opposed to places like London or New York (the latter still to be visited). We […]

Ferry to Karlshamn

As some of you know, I spent Easter in Denmark with Mrs. Nielsen’s family. We’ve been friends for ages; she’s been living in Denmark for 7 years already and I’ve never visited her before. So this was a great occasion to finally pack and go. I must say, it was the best Easter, if not […]


Last Friday was a girls’ night out. Hit several bars and finally got to the Opium club. Met some homies! Here, I’m at La Boheme, the place of wine and conversations. Here’s some wine: And some conversations… The last one’s hilarious… Don’t try to guess the topic. Wearing French Connection trench, which by the way […]

Walking with the Wind

I’ve probably said this before, but this French Connection trench is one of my best buys ever. In the windiest weather like today, I’m all warm inside. Seriously, get a trench. Photo: Augustas Gutautas.

Let's Go to the Meadows, I'll Teach You Biology

Wearing ASOS floral-print shirt, Janice body, Ray Ban glasses and Rouge Dior 845. Photo: Augustas Gutautas.

Where's the Candy, Mister?

Wearing Mustang bleached denim shorts, Janice body and Ray Ban nerdy glasses. Photo: Dalia Laurinaitiene.

Mad Men Should Hire Me. Today

These are the perfect spectacles. I was looking for glasses that would make me look not very normal but in shops, they are usually the fashionable nerdy glasses. This is alter-nerdy. Outrageous. Oh gods. Ray. Ban. Photo: mine.