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don’t you get just too tired sometimes tearing your nails trying to grab on life on happiness evolution of soul and all the sacred things when it’s not a given don’t you just get exhausted to try don’t you ever lose focus and slip and every time the glass mountain seems an impossible journey up […]


i used to be afraid of many things invisible irrational and unexplained this fear would paralyse me to my fingertips till i could barely breathe making my way i found myself a weapon then resembling a little secret spell invisible irrational unverified protecting from my sneaky monsters still i’d sing i’d sing myself to calm to […]

birthday gift

drowning in anticipation doubtful of the chance and then and then the ray of sun making my day melting in sweetness in blossom-like rapture it’s all i wished for today

Both Sides Now

guest gardener

no matter how little i mean to you i love you anyway for love is not an object of trade you give me yours i give you mine it is a sovereign state i’m only a pilgrim to not an owner a guest you enter in its magnifying light and all you bring grows hundredfold i think i’ll […]

next life

stop promising me the next life don’t you remember last time you did the same now is the next life there’s nothing more to us but hanging in between forever in every life we had in every other to come

How Does It Feel Now


Chant de la Lointaine

… Je serai, dans ton coeur, l’été sans fin des îles Du Sud, un paysage vierge où tes accords Connaîtront la beauté de se sentir dociles Au rythme élyséen des lignes de mon corps ;


I like the way your mind works. /…/ Like a library of exotic sweets, rich paintings, flowing poetry, eternal music and literary knowledge in one… I also came across a few volumes of liberation and a magnum opus of pure light, passion and tenderness. A place to revel and swim in natural bliss… Though I’m still […]

Pair of Wings

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0oRCFW9dVA I’m a part-time dreamer, it’s true. I also love poetry. But while Justin sings of wings, I’m thinking #planes.

In reply to a book annotation

Oh I love him I love the life we lead together We led together Apart

If I Were a Boy

Went to listen for some poetry at In vino after a day running out and about. This sports vibe isn’t quite my cup of tea but just rarely enough, wen I feel a bit like a boy… Wearing paprika sweater, Jaspal shorts, Zara satchel, Melissa wedges, Ray Ban spectacles and vintage earrings. By the way, […]

Where Can I Find This Distant Light

A friend of mine asked me to translate a poem (actually, it’s a song) from Russian into English ages ago. I started and felt I just couldn’t go on. Maybe because it’s a very special friend and I want to do a real good job, and you know what it’s like with translating poems. You […]