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Dialogue on Youth

We read a kids’ encyclopaedia which says no one actually knows at what point they start growing old. I look at the ceiling and muse away: Hmmm, I think growing old is a state when you stop being interested in things… you don’t want anything… you are not curious any more… you just stay still. […]

Timely Reflection

Evening: Mum, are you going to sleep in your clothes? Noon: Mum, you just went outside wearing the same clothes you slept in. Mental note: change. And cut the damn hair.

Pia’s Wisdom. My Choice

Pia had one of her brightest moments last week. We were driving to the kindergarten in the morning and, as I was slowing down at the red lights, she said: Mummy, those boys and girls don’t know what we want.

Circulus vitiosus

We wake up on Saturday to celebrate her fifth birthday. I want to get dressed with you. Why? You’re a big girl, you can do it alone. Because I want to get dressed with you. You know, it’s called circulus vitiosus. You substantiate your answer with my question. It’s not leading anywhere. She thinks for a […]

One of the Priceless Conversations

We wake up after a nap. I try to brush down the sticky remnants of my dream. Pia is pushing me and saying we have to go to the gym. Mum, is granny your sister? No, she is my mother. Aunt Evelina is my sister. She jumps up almost shouting with anxiety, as if we’d forgotten […]


We went to Kaunas last weekend. Pia visited Tadas Ivanauskas animal museum for the first time. Here, we were snacking at a mall. Pia was wearing Allsaints dress, Akuku leopard vest, Lindex jeggings, Emu short-boots, with Amaya in her hand. Amaya’s gonna be the doll who’s travelled the world 🙂 Photo: mine.