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I See

Everything that happens suddenly makes sense.

New Frames

I’ve shown you some of my recent paintings here on this blog but recently I framed them and was quite surprised by how much it changed the whole impression of a picture. We spent a lot of time with the Art House assistant matching the perfect frame for each of the paintings but I must […]


Photo: mine.


I hadn’t the slightest idea painting with one’s hands could be suh-uuuch a pleasure. I’ll probably be trying it again. This time, see my Blossoming: P. S. If after my death anyone should decide these paintings are worth talking about, please note this is my Monsoon Period. I’ll probably won’t be a well-acclaimed painter so […]


With this post, I open a new category on Daily Looks – Art. Gonna share what I do myself, maybe will post some of the things I’ve done a while ago, and introduce pieces of art by others that inspire and impress me and which I find worth remembering. The painting’s called “Two”. Created under […]


Photo: mine.

Draw the Curtain

Saw this a couple of years ago in Brussels. Not sure if it was a temporary project or is the “curtain” still there. Should ask my friend Indre who must hang out somewhere around quite often 🙂 Photo: mine.


Something rather extraordinary happened today. I went downtown and bought – not shoes – but a number of acrylic paint tubes, a palette, some canvases, brushes; brought everything home and now am waiting until I’m alone. I’m suddenly so into painting; isn’t it strange? The pregnancy must’ve cut open a hole to the world of […]