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Drunk in the Morning

Oooh we have a song for you! she shouts and turns up the volume. There’s nothing like Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen both singing the refrain at my dining table! And though Lars speaks little, he definitely can sing! I LOVE friends.

Perfect Moment

Do you remember this? She turns up the volume. *** The funeral home is full of familiar faces. People looking around, recognising each other, coming up and speaking in low voices. One of the girls, his friend’s wife, stands in front of me and says: There was a woman. He did this because of her. It […]


Gavau sveikinimą su Naujo Gyvenimo Pradžia. Mažutė priešistorė:

De vrais mensonges

Garbės žodis, pažiūrėjus kai kuriuos filmus, man ima rodytis, kad gyvenime tikrai viskas bus gerai.

Sijonas ir kelnės

Ką gi, pristatau savo antrą ir trečią siuvinius. (Suknelei dar per šalta, bet irgi bus.) Aksominį sijoną nusitvėrė Mrs. Nielsen ir sėkmingai atšoko vasario 16-osios šventime In vino. Aš vilkėjau vilnones tartan kelnes,

Warming up

I must confess, I can only wear glasses for a limited period of time. I soon start feeling uneasy, like a nerd that I am anyway, but who likes to think of oneself as another-way-of-sexy most of the time. Well, that’s all I can do. And yes, I do feel like I’m growing old. Still […]

Preppy Cute?

Wearing b. young leather dress, grey marl jacket borrowed from Mrs. Nielsen (not sure ’bout the brand – Esprit?), Mango leggings, Gabor boots from Pudrine boutique, paisley scarf from Camden town – it’s like a hundred years old, then this bag from a vintage boutique with a very vague name (Vintage Boutique?) and H&M gloves […]

Tequila sans Caballeros

Aya’s B-day theme was salsa and I wore a red rose in my hair as required – although we were dancing to Amy Winehouse and techno almost all the night 😀 It was practically a bachelorette like one of our ancient school parties where guys either didn’t attend or were quite modest comparing to us. […]

Lilac Tunic to Fight for

The lilac milla tunic we fight with Mrs. Nielsen over. Or negotiate, like, I iron her dress or lend my necklace to get to wear it. I love the way it accentuates the femininity and still gives freedom for movement. Also wearing silk ASOS pants and Rouge Coco in Cambon 31. Photo: Mrs. Nielsen.

My New Lashes

After I got rid of sun-bed tan, peroxide tresses and acrylic nails, I pretty much ended my artificial era and grew back my natural hair, started enjoying polish-free nails and gave my skin a well-deserved rest. I left fake hair extensions and similar Eastern-European beauty industry favourites to strippers and provincials – or people unaware of […]

Dreaming Away

This is some romance: manfriend shaves my head in the bathroom, kid running around… We drink wine and it’s all good. Then we make this shoot, me in an oldie Zara tee, Fransa gypsy skirt (c/o Mrs. Nielsen), Accessorize hair band and my new Ash sandals.   Photo: Augustas Gutautas.

Stripey Sunday

Sunday in Nida was perfect. Sunny and warm… The head was clean of anything mundane. I really loved the weekend. Wearing milla lace-detail sweater, H&M striped mini dress, ASOS wet-look leggings, Converse sneakers, Ray ban shades and a Thai silk scarf. Pia’s wearing H&M sweater and leggings, pink dress and hat (c/o Mrs. Nielsen), Akuku […]

Birthday Post-Card from Mrs. Nielsen

Very original and thoughtful, dear 😉 Photo: mine.

Out And About

Been some furniture shopping on Saturday and found this cool bookshelf at Daiktu Viesbutis – will show it when arrives. By the way, was really impressed by the staff – perhaps owners? Genuinely friendly! Wearing peppercorn dress (c/o Mrs. Nielsen), atmosphere jacket, Zara satchel, Les Tropeziennes heels, Ray Bans, vintage brooch and purple necklace (c/o […]

Gala Dinner

End of gala whenever the two of us meet… We now have an established tradition to have Moet during some memorial reunions. They brought a bottle to Thailand, we brought a couple to mark our first time in the Nielsens’ mansion… This is my third metal thingie (whatever you English call them) from a Moet […]