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8. Vipassana. The Man with the Beard

Disclaimer: This is a personal experience of a novice in Vipassana, presented as a series of insights, not an attempt to render advice or explain the technique in full extent, and should not be taken as guidance or a comprehensive course report.  *** I notice him on the first day while waiting near the cabin to talk to the […]

Mind the Gap

Dreams can suddenly become so vivid after a full stop. It was a long and noisy travel in search of something vague, until finally me, mother and sister found ourselves in a luxurious Malibu resort.


Here’s the Teacher’s opinion on compliments men and women ought to tell each other, which I found quite peculiar: A woman tells a man he’s strong and smart and how brilliantly he understands everything – because he is stimulated towards those things when she tells him. A man tells a woman she is sexy and beautiful […]

One of the Priceless Conversations

We wake up after a nap. I try to brush down the sticky remnants of my dream. Pia is pushing me and saying we have to go to the gym. Mum, is granny your sister? No, she is my mother. Aunt Evelina is my sister. She jumps up almost shouting with anxiety, as if we’d forgotten […]

Gentleman on a Bike

Photo: mine.