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Learning from My Girl

I had a blast with Pia tonight: we picked a bunch of post-cards at a book shop and later wrote wishes to friends. Well, she was writing, I was dictating the letters. But she would think of the texts. The one to the Upstairs Boy opened with I miss you lots! When I suggested we wrote a […]

The Woman I Love

I took a CD from the pile of them lying scattered around in my living room – just to find it was scratched, too. It’s very old. I burnt it when she left for Spain.


We went to Kaunas last weekend. Pia visited Tadas Ivanauskas animal museum for the first time. Here, we were snacking at a mall. Pia was wearing Allsaints dress, Akuku leopard vest, Lindex jeggings, Emu short-boots, with Amaya in her hand. Amaya’s gonna be the doll who’s travelled the world 🙂 Photo: mine.

Saturday Trophies for Daughter And Mum

Got this superb cashmere cap by Oscar et Valentine at Bambizzi shop for Pia. I say, cashmere is the material of materials – doesn’t sound as poetic as I wish but it truly is a bliss to touch, let alone the warmth it gives. And here’s something for Pia’s mum. I haven’t been using perfume for three years: got […]

Stripey Sunday

Sunday in Nida was perfect. Sunny and warm… The head was clean of anything mundane. I really loved the weekend. Wearing milla lace-detail sweater, H&M striped mini dress, ASOS wet-look leggings, Converse sneakers, Ray ban shades and a Thai silk scarf. Pia’s wearing H&M sweater and leggings, pink dress and hat (c/o Mrs. Nielsen), Akuku […]

Kids: New Sweater from Vogue Knitting

Last Sunday, Pia was wearing her new sweater knitted by her grandma. My mother hates knitting multi-colour items and this was a real challenge for her patience. However, the sweater is totally lovesome and Pia enjoys wearing it very much! By the way, the pattern is taken from Vogue Knitting. She’s also wearing black sweatpants, […]

Kids: Marine

I have this really strong affection to marine style. Associate it with beach holidays and summery mood. And France – don’t know why 🙂 Got this outfit in Swedish H&M. Pia loves the stripes! Photo: mine.

Kids: Headscarf for a Chilly Spring

One of the many style samples we should proudly borrow from our farmer grannies is headscarves. I think they look lovely on just about anyone and I don’t miss a chance to wear one myself every now and then. This spring, instead of a cotton cap I put this colourful H&M scarf on Pia’s head […]

New Feature: Kids

I’ve been considering writing about kids’ stuff for quite some time now, especially that I have a restless model around every day and we play with clothes and shoes and necklaces – all mine usually 🙂 I like to put some effort in searching for quality yet affordable clothes for my daughter which would look […]