This is not a diary any more

Tag: insight

Pia’s Wisdom. My Choice

Pia had one of her brightest moments last week. We were driving to the kindergarten in the morning and, as I was slowing down at the red lights, she said: Mummy, those boys and girls don’t know what we want.

On the Eyes Wide Shut

I had a dream once. I saw an ocean and a sky of supernatural colours, resembling those of a sunset on the Earth, only they were bright orange, red, yellow and gold, and also blue and purple in places. It was hard to tell the sea and the sky apart as the sight was pulsing […]

On Doubt

Doubt is my middle name. I doubt at a grocery shop, picking apples over oranges. I hesitate on what to wear at work the next day (after I’ve doubted about the employment proposal, having initially said “no”). I feel mixed about lipstick colour, radically different perfume types, is it yoga or is it aerobics, do […]