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Warming up

I must confess, I can only wear glasses for a limited period of time. I soon start feeling uneasy, like a nerd that I am anyway, but who likes to think of oneself as another-way-of-sexy most of the time. Well, that’s all I can do. And yes, I do feel like I’m growing old. Still […]

Preppy Cute?

Wearing b. young leather dress, grey marl jacket borrowed from Mrs. Nielsen (not sure ’bout the brand – Esprit?), Mango leggings, Gabor boots from Pudrine boutique, paisley scarf from Camden town – it’s like a hundred years old, then this bag from a vintage boutique with a very vague name (Vintage Boutique?) and H&M gloves […]

Windy Day

French Connection trench, H&M jeans, d. copenhagen boots, J. Jill sweater, Mango chain bag and Ray Ban Cats. Photo: Evelina Laurinaityte.

A Walk in Uzupis

Uzupis is a very arty place in the most direct sense: you can see paintings, frescoes, unexpected bits and pieces, life-as-art everywhere around. I love its vibe – not so much artists-turned-drunks rambling around at any time and enormous real-estate prices for the shabby chic. Wearing Tommy Hilfiger thrifted tee, Jaspal shorts, H&M floral heels […]


Wearing wings by vadumsroom top (100% wool!), Jaspal shorts, Ash Morocco-style sandals, H&M sequined hairband and Lisbeth Dahl necklace and bracelet. Photo: Augustas Gutautas.

Stripey Sunday

Sunday in Nida was perfect. Sunny and warm… The head was clean of anything mundane. I really loved the weekend. Wearing milla lace-detail sweater, H&M striped mini dress, ASOS wet-look leggings, Converse sneakers, Ray ban shades and a Thai silk scarf. Pia’s wearing H&M sweater and leggings, pink dress and hat (c/o Mrs. Nielsen), Akuku […]

Deepest Shade of Blue

Last Friday, we spontaneously decided to change the scenery and drove to Nida. It’s the best place in the world, pals. It’s where the tranquility was born. You can soon find some shots I made of the beauty there in my Flickr profile! And here are some pictures of my Saturday outfit: Wearing cotton blouse […]

Kids: New Sweater from Vogue Knitting

Last Sunday, Pia was wearing her new sweater knitted by her grandma. My mother hates knitting multi-colour items and this was a real challenge for her patience. However, the sweater is totally lovesome and Pia enjoys wearing it very much! By the way, the pattern is taken from Vogue Knitting. She’s also wearing black sweatpants, […]

Kids: Hareem Pants Are Head Turners

Yet another gift by Mrs. Nielsen! Hareem pats by Pretty Sille. They’re very comfy as they don’t restrain movement when playing – and they always turn heads whenever we hit dowtown or drop by supermercado 🙂 Pia loves them. Pia’s also wearing purple Lindex top and moccasins and a light pink H&M sweater. Every kid’s […]

Kids: Marine

I have this really strong affection to marine style. Associate it with beach holidays and summery mood. And France – don’t know why 🙂 Got this outfit in Swedish H&M. Pia loves the stripes! Photo: mine.

Kids: Headscarf for a Chilly Spring

One of the many style samples we should proudly borrow from our farmer grannies is headscarves. I think they look lovely on just about anyone and I don’t miss a chance to wear one myself every now and then. This spring, instead of a cotton cap I put this colourful H&M scarf on Pia’s head […]

Gala Dinner

End of gala whenever the two of us meet… We now have an established tradition to have Moet during some memorial reunions. They brought a bottle to Thailand, we brought a couple to mark our first time in the Nielsens’ mansion… This is my third metal thingie (whatever you English call them) from a Moet […]

Hippie Easter in Fredericia Commune

Wearing cobalt blue Red Herring see-through tunic dress (c/o Mrs. Nielsen), ASOS wet-look leggings, H&M sequin head band and Juozas Statkevicius wrist strap. Photo: Augustas Gutautas.

Mrs. Nielsen's Early Morning Stroll in Fredericia

In Fredericia Mrs. Nielsen lives. I made some pictures of what she was wearing for a change 🙂 She’s wearing khaki military style Visual jacket, crochet-detail blouse, Esprit jeans, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair boat shoes, H&M bag and Franko Fabijani shades. Photo: mine.

Odense before Easter

There are many monuments in Odense that represent the fairy-tales of Hans Christian Andersen. Below, I’m standing next to the tin soldier… …and his spare legs 🙂 Now this is a very dirty sculpture to my very dirty mind. However, it represents “The Darning Needle”. Bought some hair accs at H&M that you’ll see soon. […]