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Man on the Moon


You’ll see, one day you’ll smile at your child and tell her you are so loving because you didn’t get everything you wanted. I was driving home, feeling nauseous. The sun was finally showing off, painting rainbows on leaden skies. A rare guest this spring, she acts like a schoolgirl skipping class.

birthday gift

drowning in anticipation doubtful of the chance and then and then the ray of sun making my day melting in sweetness in blossom-like rapture it’s all i wished for today


You haven’t opened it yet?! I look at my Girlfriend, then at a big box on the living room table, shocked. She is smiling her Mona Lisa smile while preparing dinner for us, and she is silent. I really can’t stand it when I ask her something and she just smiles, and doesn’t respond until several […]

On People You Thought You Knew

Godparents are people you wish your child followed spiritually, intellectually and destiny-wise. Role models, care-givers and guides. I don’t know what my parents were thinking when choosing me the Godfather I had – or maybe there wasn’t much of a choice in the traumatised soviet generation in terms of spiritual guidance – spirits, though, being […]

First Gifts Arriving!

My old friend Indre from Brussels visited us last night. We had a bottle of wine, some salad and some catching up – it is just a couple of times a year that we see each other now. Our last date was in Brussels airport – when we headed to Thailand. Ages ago… 🙂 And […]

Autumn Wishlist Coming True

Not sure if I’m experiencing a post-partum depression, but I can tell you this: tears go floodin’ the damn room whenever I open my closet. First time I did this without the protruding belly, I was shocked. I sat on the sofa for a while with my eyes fixed on the wall and asked myself: […]