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Best Friend

So I come to the office thinking how I’m gonna tell him that I did something stupid last night, that I got some rags and a bra and felt it was such a lame birthday present to use daddy’s money for, so in the end I went on and bought those pretty plane tickets and […]

Drunk in the Morning

Oooh we have a song for you! she shouts and turns up the volume. There’s nothing like Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen both singing the refrain at my dining table! And though Lars speaks little, he definitely can sing! I LOVE friends.

Birthday Thank You

I want to take a moment to say how grateful I am to be remembered by every single person today who is very important to me and whose attention is a gift in itself. Like everyone else I enjoy a warm word and a kind wish on a birthday. It’s even more cool of you to reach […]

On the First Day of Christmas

He stands outside my house with a chic black bag. This is for you. Danish candy. Do you like liquorice? We hug giggling like kids. At the restaurant, he asks me: Wanna do this?

Looking for One, Finding Another

I open my eyes and slowly return from a sticky dream. In moments like these, I feel like a sick person on meds sensing he’s almost recovered – sleep is my drug, my sea. I can never get enough. Yet I take a look at the ceiling and it strikes me: I jump out of bed […]

Dialogue with Girlfriend

Did you notice we spent the last three days together? I realised that when I came to your place today, opened the fridge and ate some cake while you were in the shower.

Erika at Fashion's Night Out

As one of my special friends, who also happens to be the recipient of the Lithuanian National Prize for Literature, wrote in one of his pieces, two narcissistic natures rarely fit into one mirror, Erika and I happen to prove the statement. It was our reunion after 3 years. She was shopping big time and […]


I know I’ve said this before but it makes me very happy that with some people you are not obliged to do anything special and even stuff like combing hair on the terrace makes you feel like you’re having the time of your life. P. S. It was not my suggestion for Mrs. Nielsen to […]