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Barcelona. Day Four. Part Two

We have 30 minutes till our visit to Sagrada Familia. I take Pia to Placa de Gaudi where she instantly starts playing with the sand. I sit on a bench and ask a guy there whether it’s ok if I smoke. He puts away his book and says he is a smoker, too, thanks for […]

Barcelona. Day Three. Part One.

We share an apple in the sun on a bench at Parc del Laberint de l’Horta. The Labyrinth isn’t yet open after the seasonal maintenance; however, the park is available for visitors. She hugs her Teddy Bear tight as we speak about something. 


What are you afraid of?

Association Game

Imagine an animal. It’s a doe. What do you do when you see it? I look her in the eye. What does she do? She stands there for a moment, then turns around and runs away. Now imagine water. It’s… no, not an ocean. It’s a lake. With a boat on it. Ok, now think […]

Dialogue on Youth

We read a kids’ encyclopaedia which says no one actually knows at what point they start growing old. I look at the ceiling and muse away: Hmmm, I think growing old is a state when you stop being interested in things… you don’t want anything… you are not curious any more… you just stay still. […]


What do you know, maybe he’s the love of you life. The love of my life… is not here. Yeah, I know – ’cause the love of your life is diamonds.


Always been convinced I was special to you in certain ways. The only one. In several aspects. Beginning to see I am not – do I dramatise it? Hm… I guess no sense. I’m just surprised how perfectly life draws a veil on our perception and timely conceals certain shades of reality from our judgement. […]

Saturday Night Out

I have this poppy red lipstick that makes me want to have a job where it should be a uniform. Like a pencil skirt to a stewardess. Or a tie to a banker. It makes me a different person as soon as I put it on – it makes me me. Unfortunately, every single day […]

Happy Anniversary, Lithuania!

It all starts with blueberry jam. Pia’s recently discovered it with her oatmeal porridge. You know, Love, when I was a kid, my parents and Mother Grandmother would make jam at home. They would pick buckets of berries, take a huge pot and cook it with sugar. Why wouldn’t they buy it in a shop like […]

Before Breakfast

I want to give you a present. Is there anything you want? Hmmm… iPhone 6? iPhone is not romantic at all. I roll my eyes.

The Land of Light

Whenever you are in pain or feel sad, remember it’s just your surface, Love. Instead of sinking in your sorrow, go looking for a place of light and happiness, where there’s no disease and anguish, where there’s only beauty and fulfilment, and Love. I rock her on my lap, pressing my cold cheek to her feverish […]

Nothing Inside

Do you think anything may be left inside? I… I don’t know. This has never happened to me. I think you should see your doctor. Why haven’t you, by the way?

Friday Night Mother – Daughter Chat

I’m going out to see a friend, mother. So you’ve dated him or his brother? Errr, dating wouldn’t be the word of my choice… but both. Ok.


– Forgive me. – Always.

Circulus vitiosus

We wake up on Saturday to celebrate her fifth birthday. I want to get dressed with you. Why? You’re a big girl, you can do it alone. Because I want to get dressed with you. You know, it’s called circulus vitiosus. You substantiate your answer with my question. It’s not leading anywhere. She thinks for a […]