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Insanely in Love

I want to fall in love. The no-looking-back way, there’s-nobody-else-in-the-world-I-see kind of way. I want it to be crazy and sparkling with chemistry, and mutual. I have been pressing myself to be practical with relationships lately. 

The Strange Universe of Facebook

There are two types of reactions I get when I tell someone I don’t have a Facebook account: “Really? Wow, respect!”/”OMG, me too!”/”You are so, so cool. I should get rid of mine as well.” “Hmmm. Only idiots, creeps and antisocial types don’t have a Facebook profile. You don’t seem to be either of those, so […]


Always been convinced I was special to you in certain ways. The only one. In several aspects. Beginning to see I am not – do I dramatise it? Hm… I guess no sense. I’m just surprised how perfectly life draws a veil on our perception and timely conceals certain shades of reality from our judgement. […]


There are two types of stress I experience. The first is latent and ever-present, and it makes me eat too much. The other one overtakes my whole mind and the body is unable to consume a thing.

Elastic Heart

The Muse

His eyes are warm. Smiling. Curious. He takes a few glimpses at my face and I can see those eyes light up. They are captivated, passionate, demanding. At some point, as I sit looking at him, he shakes his head, excited. You inspire me. His hand swiftly moves as he sketches.

Learning from My Girl

I had a blast with Pia tonight: we picked a bunch of post-cards at a book shop and later wrote wishes to friends. Well, she was writing, I was dictating the letters. But she would think of the texts. The one to the Upstairs Boy opened with I miss you lots! When I suggested we wrote a […]

Poppies on a Minefield

We were from the Beginning, if there was one. You and I. We are everything, like everything else in the universe. Cells in the organism. Barely individual, just on the surface. Dive deeper – and there are no faces, genders, concepts, attributes, peculiarities. We are but particles of the force of life which I sometimes call […]

Love Story

I remembered this really strange new thing that happened twice within the past several months within the total of 33 years – I felt like calling my father. No reason. No actual topic to cover, either. But I’d call him still. He’d be surprised and fairly lost after realising I called because I only wanted to chat.

On Being a Writer

I met her in the beauty salon. It appears we have been going to the same Hairstylist for years. She sat in an adjacent chair and was having her roots done while reading her Kindle. I was skimming through glance magazines – the beauty salon is the place for me to catch up on the […]