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Fashion Injection Night

It’s the 10th anniversary of Fashion Infection festival this year, and the first time Fashion Injection was a public event hosted at the National Art Gallery. While Infection is a serious festival with guest designers coming to Vilnius from abroad – as well as our local acclaimed fashion artists showing their collections, of course – Injection […]

Andiamo Vapiano

There’s this new Vapiano place in Vilnius so I went there with friends for the second time in one week. Great food, very fresh. Pizza, pasta, soups and salads. Oh, and their pana cota is orgasmic! The weather was pretty chilly but I went for Tommy Hilfiger ballerinas. There’s a looong winter for boots ahead of […]


Something rather extraordinary happened today. I went downtown and bought – not shoes – but a number of acrylic paint tubes, a palette, some canvases, brushes; brought everything home and now am waiting until I’m alone. I’m suddenly so into painting; isn’t it strange? The pregnancy must’ve cut open a hole to the world of […]