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We went to Kaunas last weekend. Pia visited Tadas Ivanauskas animal museum for the first time. Here, we were snacking at a mall. Pia was wearing Allsaints dress, Akuku leopard vest, Lindex jeggings, Emu short-boots, with Amaya in her hand. Amaya’s gonna be the doll who’s travelled the world 🙂 Photo: mine.

The Bubble Queen

It was a moment from the colourful Jehova brochures where people with children of all races pick fruit in blooming meadows. The brass band was playing some retro melody on a bench, bubbles flying in the air, children chasing them, the sunset, the light, surreal. I thought I died and went to the Stepford Heaven. […]

New Feature: Kids

I’ve been considering writing about kids’ stuff for quite some time now, especially that I have a restless model around every day and we play with clothes and shoes and necklaces – all mine usually 🙂 I like to put some effort in searching for quality yet affordable clothes for my daughter which would look […]