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Ink Blue

Finally! I have it. My brand new ink blue cable-knit cardy made by my mother. I tried to knit something like that myself for like three times and the result was ridiculous, so I asked mother to do what she really does exquisitely. I’m very happy with the result! I already matched several belts to […]

Autumn Wishlist Revisited

Ok, change of plan. There was no plan to begin with; still, we thought we wouldn’t go to cold and rainy Lithuania till at least March next year – would be too drastic to experience a ~40 degrees C temperature change. However, all circumstances lead to us returning in the beginning of October this year […]

Mon Amour Nouveau

Excuse my French please – am one of those students who learn five words or phrases and eagerly use them wherever possible, often mistakenly 🙂 Anyway, I couldn’t sleep last night and Augustas seriously thinks I should stop browsing shoes in the evenings. Here’s what I discovered yesterday: Moschino Angela rubber boots. I’m seriously considering […]

Autumn Wishlist

Started dawdling in the shops and gazing longingly at clothes my old size, imagining myself in them again after giving birth 🙂 Little by little, autumn wishlist gained its form, and here are several words about it. I was surprised to discover Lindex’s assortment included rather stylish items. VERY AFFORDABLE. I’ve been looking down on […]