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Basketball at Portobello? Boooring!

Who’s quote is it? Better to be overdressed than underdressed? Well, I like it. Wearing a thrifted dress, Mango belt and leggings and my good old Bronx stripper’s shoes. Photo: Evelina Laurinaityte.  

Monday Night

Wearing an old striped CHR blazer, wool tee by wings by vadumsroom, Jaspal shorts, Bronx ankle boots, ASOS faux-croc clutch and Accessorize hairband. Photo: Augustas Gutautas.

Fashion Infection Outfit

On my way out last Friday, wearing a black body, Zizzi tunic dress, ASOS wet-look leggings, ASOS faux-croc clutch, black-cross necklace, Juozas Statkevicius wrist strap and stripper’s shoes by Bronx. Photo: Augustas Gutautas.

In Red

It was a sunny day in the market eating sushi, buying trifles and hanging around. Laura is wearing a bright red maxi dress, beige crocheted bag and metallic gladiators. Looking very graceful in that ponytail, don’t you think? I’m in my ASOS floral print tulip dress, Ray Ban Cats, hat from a neighbouring shop and […]

Striptizo šokėjos batai

Tąsyk Jam buvo prasta diena, nes prie mano autfito tiko būtent jie. Mano Mylimas Jis šiaip mėgsta mano drabužinės pasirinkimus, tačiau batukai, kaip jau supratote, mūsų šeimoje praminti “striptizo šokėjos batais”, iš pirmo žvilgsnio užsitarnavo Jo antipatiją 🙂

Stripper's Shoes

It was not Augustas’ lucky day – my outfit asked for them and nothing else. My manfriend usually appreciates the wardrobe choices I make, however extravagant; still the Bronx ankle boots, known in our family as the “stripper’s shoes”, have earned his resentment at the very first sight 🙂 Not sure why exactly – perhaps […]