This is not a diary any more

Eurovision 2016 Favourites. Ukraine

Saw Jamala first on the semi-final and was shocked how it wasn’t a performance at all. I mean the woman has profound vocal abilities and the song is great.

Yet it was like having a skull brought in during one of Trimalchio’s feasts.

She wasn’t putting up a show – she was bringing a message, a stinging reminder to everyone of us sitting comfy with our bling and first world problems. I am glad Ukraine used this opportunity to speak of serious shit without saying a word. It’s still there, people.

Eurovision 2016 Favourites. Sweden

Let me just tell you this, Frans. If you walked a thousand miles to tell me you were sorry, I’d let you in, give you food and forgive you everything.

Seriously though, simplicity at its best.

Eurovision 2016 Favourites. Israel

Amazing melody (is it just me, or does it have a bit of that Slavic melancholy in it?), beautiful yet not overwhelming stage effects, strong voice and well, he’s a Jew. Much love.

Eurovision 2016 Favourites. Lithuania

What’s the best thing about a song? It presses certain emotional buttons, triggers associations and generally stimulates one’s imagination.

When I hear this song, I’m suddenly a teenager in love, with the whole world a promise, and the fact that Donny Montell has his looks makes my mind go this exciting path like it’s a walk in the park.

However, another remarkable thing is the official video of this hit and the choice of the female character. You look into her face – a party girl with the touch of femme fatale. Ok. Then the camera slides down and you’re like, wow what? She is sooo not a Barbie doll! Those are expected but never imprint for a long time in your memory. This one is not perfect – and just perfect that way. I believe this choice of cast was a very well-calculated move of Donny’s production and PR teams, and it’s a winning one. In the world of enforcing hardly-attainable body-image time and again – though hypocritically preaching against unrealistic standards – this girl tells us great nights happen even if you are plus size. And it’s not even a lie.

Let me just feel proud once again to witness Donny’s talent – he surely owns it!

The Sound of Silence

I’ve Been Waiting For This Night

I can’t even.

All Would Envy

The Greatest

Don’t Answer Me

One Way Or Another

It’s no secret Stalker was one of the best series I’ve seen, and its soundtrack contains several remarkably done covers. This is one of them and, gotta admit, has a very sexy vibe. In a very wrong way.

Not Ready to Make Nice

Come Over


I jus love the language. The song wouldn’t be half as good in English.


Wow, someone interesting. Is it Daily Sounds worthy?

Bow Down

It was a beautiful spring night a year ago.

Mrs. Nielsen was visiting. We soaked ourselves in booze, got into adventures all over Lithuania and had the time of our lives, as it happens when we hook up with her.

That night, we went to a concert at the National Philharmonic Hall.

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Perfect Storm

Baha’i Prayer for the Suffering

Friend sent it to me a couple of days ago, who I am very grateful to, although I did not anticipate to have a sad opportunity to share it with the world, which suffers from repeated terror and demise.

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Girls Like

Never Be Like You

Taste the Feeling

Love the song, even though it’s really a commercial 🙂


Make You Miss Me

Oh, Sam… Keep going, it works 🙂


My Baby

I really dig the creepy vibe of that soundtrack.


Sunday anthem. My new favourite band.

And she’s amazingly beautiful to me.

Drunk in the Morning

Oooh we have a song for you! she shouts and turns up the volume.

There’s nothing like Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen both singing the refrain at my dining table! And though Lars speaks little, he definitely can sing!

I LOVE friends.

Daily Sounds

Cheers to the New Year everyone! Cheers to keeping our eyes open to opportunities, listening to your heart, feeling the positive vibes and being inspired by amazing people.

Here’s one to watch this year, an adventurous soul with a musical taste that makes you think it’s a lucky thing you’re wearing headphones right now:

Daily Sounds

I’ve been meaning to share this particular playlist of Rytis for a while, occasionally posting gems from his channel on my blog – so many of Daily Sounds are actually my favourite songs!

Enjoy – there’s plenty to discover, savour and share.

Be the One


Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)

Bare Feet

Something That You Said

Drops of Jupiter

Half the World Away

Hope I Don’t Fall in Love with You


All the Wild Horses


Ocean Drive

I just love this song…


The most interesting people I know…

My Least Favourite Life

The embrace of sleep becomes lukewarm.

I twist and turn in my sheets, pushing the awakening further away.

Anxiety burns in the solar plexus. Weren’t those pills supposed to help?

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Take Your Time

You could’ve rolled your eyes
Told me to go to hell
Could’ve walked away
But you’re still here
And I’m still here
Come on let’s see where it goes

Girl Crush

Giving in to the Risk

I took a little risk this morning.

My car insurance had expired last night and the girl was supposed to email me the papers today some time before noon.

I could’ve bothered to take a bus. It would’ve been a longer and much more inconvenient journey to work, albeit not involving the risk of getting into an accident and having to cover the costs out of my own pocket because my car wouldn’t be insured for those several hours.

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Colour to the Soul

There are people in our lives who eventually turn into concepts ingrained in our core. Their lives apart from us blend into our soul and add another shade to our identity. Their history is ever-present in the way we look at things, like a one-of colour in our sentiment. They saturate our perception. And there is no past tense for this.

After all the words, I feel I owe you silence.


Playing with Numbers



to love a man
who can’t
collect himself
to utter my name

Birthday Thank You

I want to take a moment to say how grateful I am to be remembered by every single person today who is very important to me and whose attention is a gift in itself.

Like everyone else I enjoy a warm word and a kind wish on a birthday. It’s even more cool of you to reach me not being conveniently available on Facebook, not throwing a party or reminding of myself in any other way.

You made me think this is the best I could wish for. You made my day fulfilling and me truly happy.

The small things, huh. Never underestimate those.


Good voice. Yup.

Want to Want Me

WTF spider workout 😀

Not in That Way


A bit of classics. Love it on my way to work.


The rhythm!

Once Is Enough

If I Had a Boat


Snow on the Sahara

Since I was a teenager, this song would arise very strong emotive associations which I’ve never tried to put into words before.

Tearing longing; feelings that outlast relationships or people, tragedies or impossibility; being left alone without a choice but to love…

Have you ever experienced strong feelings that were sort of… not yours?

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Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye



Amazing choreography and vocals! I see an Artist.

Give You What You Like

So dark… My mind travels to places where one feels stuck, having no way out as if inside a closed matrix without a code to break.

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Let Me Down Easy


I really hate how much I love her songs.

Whenever I think Taylor Swift, it’s like argh, she’s everything I’m not: the Golden Girl, the American Wannabe, so Purrrfect – but take away her makeup and dresses, and she’s the girl next door I would never hit on. 

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Yoü And I

Four Five Seconds

Ma’sawng 🙂

Both Sides Now



Colleague never fails to cheer me up in times of need 🙂 

I Can’t Make You Love Me

The Hanging Tree

One of the most suggestive pieces ever. Gives me shivers every time as the mind travels to dark and shady places you’d think no one walks at night.

Do you ever wonder what happens there when the light is absent, or when no one is around? Strange things could happen and I believe they do. What if you went one time instead of guessing?

Love Me Like You Do

A modern-day Cinderella story. Can’t collect myself to listen to the 2 volume of the audiobook #yawn

Love everything but the refrain, btw.


Red Lights


Don’t Wait

Jonny and Mary

Elastic Heart

You & I (Forever)

The Grand Mismatch. Oh Sorry – It’s “Say You Love Me”

I wish you’d chosen me… to be next to everything you continue to have.



I totally dig this mustard sweater on dark skin.

Самый быстрый самолет

Simple Together

Ah, so that’s what it’s about. Heard it almost a decade ago and felt it was sort of telling me something. I have arrived.

Give Me Love

Blank Space

Wasting My Young Years

How Does It Feel Now

Time Out

I love the parks and stadiums I stop driving by in the most unusual time of day. I step out and have a cigarette leaning on my car window, radio playing inside, and watch the autumnal bushes giving away secrets to the wind. It’s somewhat thrilling to appear in places I never purposefully go to. It makes me think what happens there all this time I’m not around, and something must be happening every day. 

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I Lived

A Thousand Years

The River And the Cloud

Whenever there’s a day of silence between us, I fall into the water of the river Goodbye.

I’m thinking you resigned. You got tired and gave up. You decided to stick to your path and not challenge the slim chance of you and me becoming us. This is crazy after all, and life tends to embrace us with its firm reality. This is it. We have to enter past tense and write a book or something. Or jump into a random distraction to just keep the mind busy. 

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Just Give Me a Reason

Fall Back

Don’t you love the chaotic rave of instruments? It’s so representative of life: the leading motive and the windy mess swaying around it. Sometimes the noise gets louder than anything else but the order in the chaos is never absent.

Love Love Love

Lost Stars

Love Story

I remembered this really strange new thing that happened twice within the past several months within the total of 33 years – I felt like calling my father. No reason. No actual topic to cover, either.

But I’d call him still. He’d be surprised and fairly lost after realising I called because I only wanted to chat.

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Vieni su


Walking with Elephants

Well done Mario Bassanov! A piece by a Lithuanian DJ on the European Hit Radio Top playlist.


She Came to Give It to You

The refrain sounds like actual music!

Ignore the plastic.

I Don’t Think About You Anymore But, I Don’t Think About You Anyless

The Season of the Perfect Storms

And then those other fantasies came.

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My Type


I hear a song I like and quite specifically imagine its visual expression aka clip. It’s the second time that my fantasy and the style of the video match!

Veeery specific taste 🙂

Just Feel Better


Il faut qu’on ose


Wind Beneath My Wings


She’d always say how she wanted matching tattoos with this quote, and I never knew where it was from. Would just smirk that the internet was abundant with photos of people having it inked on their sides and backs, and that I wouldn’t join that army.

Years after, I get this song from her.

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Iron Sky


Looking Too Closely


My soundtrack to everything there is; everything there isn’t.

How do you fool your blood? How do you pretend something doesn’t matter?

I want to go missing in my secret catacombs.

I want to leave again and become someone else.

Once Upon a Dream



Black and Gold


Eliziejaus laukai / Elysian Fields


Never been

To the island of the blessed

Didn’t see the winemakers

Didn’t smell the jasmines didn’t pick

Olives didn’t put to wineskins


The sun didn’t burn

Wind didn’t wail

Didn’t shower the rain

Earth didn’t carry


Never been

To the island of the cursed

Didn’t see the poison makers

Didn’t caress the blade buried not

Copper axe in the earth


The sun didn’t burn

Wind didn’t wail

Didn’t shower the rain

Earth didn’t carry


The sun didn’t burn

Wind didn’t wail

Didn’t shower the rain

Earth didn’t carry


The sea didn’t bathe

Fire didn’t touch

Didn’t welcome the abyss

Earth didn’t carry



3.30 am. We sit on the sofa, feet up; she says, wanna hear the song I’ve been playing on repeat?


We listen smiling and she goes, hey wait this could totally be your song, too!

And I’m like, yeah…

4.30 am

there’s nothing like driving empty streets

the sky inviting daylight

no cars to overtake

just chet and me

feels like a film

where i play


i want

to be




Since school, this song had a certain air of fatality to me, its own extending space of associations. A mysterious plot narrated by a masterful musical arrangement, poetry and your own thrill. Aren’t you overtaken by it when you hear

One day when I was searching for what I’ll never find…

Shema Israel Elohay


When I most sincerely asked if this was a Eurovision song, the Friend said I was heading for trouble with the rabis.

My apologies for ignorance: this is the main Jewish prayer and a very beautiful song by Sarit Hadad.

Hear, o Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one.

Desde quando


Have no idea why the f they chose this location for the video and why on earth Eva puts her feet on the ground stepping out of bed like that (#rolleyes) but I still get shivers from the song.

Better Together

Pair of Wings


I’m a part-time dreamer, it’s true. I also love poetry.

But while Justin sings of wings, I’m thinking #planes.

West Coast



You And Me


Not a Bad Thing


When I’m sentimental.


The Woman I Love

I took a CD from the pile of them lying scattered around in my living room – just to find it was scratched, too.

It’s very old. I burnt it when she left for Spain.

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La Coquette



One of the songs that flash a smile on my face and I can’t sit still! Woo hoo! 🙂

BTW, try singing with her – dat gal’s killing her octaves!



I. Eileitung
II. Walzer
III. Tango
IV. Finale

Our Love Is Easy


Roz o shab


Day and night.

One of the gems of Iranian music.

Departure Bay


This one still gives the strongest emotional echo in my chest.

Thoughts, memories, imagination…

Sometimes I feel like I own experiences that are not mine. As if I have lived in the books I’ve read. As if I feel what I couldn’t possibly.

Can’t Rely on You


Ok, so Paloma has a sequel!

Robin Thicke meets Marie Antoinette meets Stanley Kubrik. Weirrrd.

Money on My Mind


I just can’t stay still when this one’s on! 🙂 Hello neighbours!

Only Love Can Hurt Like This


Finally. Spice, story and aesthetics.

The Fall






Her first really good song after a long while.

Surprisingly, the black part of the clip very much coincides with what I’ve imagined in my mind while listening to the song before seeing the video. Amazingly so.

Rather Be


All of Me


I Am Descending


I am discovering Iyeoka.

Me and Mrs. Jones


I can’t say I have ever been teased this outrageously.



Love the intoxicating drive of the melody and the chaos in the clip.

Heartache Tonight


My PMS song. Only you change “tonight” into “23 days a month”.

End of May


Such end-of-Mayish mood indeed. I know the feeling.

Inadvertently, I keep saying it happened last summer while in fact it’s been years.

Nonetheless, it changed me so much I regard it as far-enough-from-the-minefield, yet ever-present.



I love this song… It takes me away.

I wonder if those mega stars who are able to create a whole world of associations for people like me with their compositions, vocals and images, do they ever actually experience what they put on act? I wish Beyonce could fly into that cloud I’m thrown soft and deep into, listening to this song.

It reminds me of an infatuation with a promise of the together-ever-after. A journey with someone, then perhaps with someone else, until I’m standing here, eyes closed, head in the cloud, living many lives of my creation.

How Long Will I Love You


Su šventėmis!

Gražios Kalėdos. Lauke +6. Vakar Kūčias šventėme su sese skaipu. Nesu įsitikinusi, kad mano vištienos salotose buvo 12 ingredientų – gal įskaičiavus citriną vandens stiklinėje, though?..

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To Jim

aka gym.

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Declaration of Love


The Friend introduced me to this composer and I loved him instantly.

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Wildest Moments


Meet my new favourite.

What You Won’t Do For Love


I really can’t make up my mind if the woman is magnificently beautiful or something totally opposite, but what I can tell, she is making love to sound quite similarly to the way I make love to words. And I always envy those who sing like they feel, like they touch, like they search and discover, like they make a story out of nothing.

I wish I could sing like this.

Simply Falling


Tighten Up


Oh dear, oh dear, it’s freakin’ hilarious 😀

Can’t Hold Us


My power workout soundtrack – when it starts… Wraaa!

Beneath Your Beautiful


There is a certain thrill related to really opening up to someone, isn’t it? So game-changing sometimes.

To me usually – unintentional, reluctant and carrying unpredictable consequences.

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And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop


I wonder

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Underneath Your Clothes


In my next life, I wanna be a rock star. No, really.

We Don’t Eat


Nuo šitos dainos mano kūnu bėgioja šiurpuliukai.

My Favourite Game


On the Right Thing

The narcissistic pleasure of doing the right thing.

I don’t have much practice in that; would do what I wanted most of my life, not what was considered right.

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Somebody to Love

Aaa, tai štai, kas jis 🙂 Mėgstu šitą dainą.


Ką tik pasportavusi Maksimoje susitikau moterį, kurios vyrą iš pradžių palaikiau “Lauro lapo” šefu. Stovėjome prie Mamos kepyklėlės, aš jau mintyse čiaumojau kruasaną, tada pamačiau jį, tada ją, o, kokia graži žmona, galvoju, o tada ji man plačiai šypsosi ir aš suprantu, kad metas sveikintis, tik nežinau, su kuo.

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N-16. Blurred Lines

Šiandien važiuodama mašina nugirdau šitą dainą per radiją ir kažkaip intuityviai (matyt, antrąja čiakra) pajaučiau, kad kažkuo ji gašloka, ir paaiškėjo, kad mano antra čiakra, nepabijokim to žodžio, ištreniruota.

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It’s like meeting the man of your dreams, and then meeting his financial problems

Žinote tokią Alanis dainą “Ironic”?


Svajonių vyrų nominacijomis aš seniai nebesitaškau, tai čia būtų ta humoristinė dalis.

Kita dalis rimtesnė. 

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Minčių origami

Žaidžiu savo mintimis ir norais. Kasdien vis aiškiau įsivaizduoju, kaip gyvenu; kasdien prikuriu papildomų detalių į savo siekiamybės paveikslėlį, pasipasakoju vis daugiau dalykų apie tai, kaip, kur ir su kuo noriu būti, ir tada – nuostabu, jog taip greitai – stebiu, kaip fantazijos skiautės nusileidžia ant mano realybės ežero. Vis mažiau stebėdamasi sau patvirtinu: viskas taip, kaip prasukau savo nesustojančiame vidiniame filme. Tai nuostabu.

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Instrumentikos švara, emocijų intensyvumą valdanti melodija ir geras tekstas. Laik.

Opening Titles

My Sunday soundtrack of beauty sleep, books, paintings, household chores, other people on my mind and the best kind of loneliness intertwined with the anticipation of daughter coming home.



Laiškas be kreipinio

Ką tik, jutube ieškodama lietuviškos muzikos, įsijungiau Tavo ir jos dainą.

Gal žmogus pastatytas iš garsų, kvapų, norų ir prisiminimų; gal iš tiesų mumyse labai lengva ištrinti chronologines ribas, sujudinti kai ką pamatinio, kad taip staiga, akivaizdžiai be prasmės priešintis mano pilvas susigniaužė nuo galingo prisiminimo.

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Dancin’ Away With My Heart



Pradedu jausti, lyg koks ilgai nefunkcionavęs organas įsijungtų į bendrą organizmo veiklą. Keista, kad jo tiek ilgai nejaučiau esant.

Kiek daug istorijų gali rutuliotis vieno, atskiro žmogaus viduje, niekam per daug neprisidedant, nežinant, nedalyvaujant.

Stebiu save, kaip filmą. Kartais toks atsitraukimas suteikia drąsos išlipti iš komforto zonos, minti savo baimei ant kojos ir pamatyti, kad tai ne visada baigiasi prastai.



Love Affair


Jos tekstai nuostabūs 🙂 Ironiški, tarsi būtų pusiau nemoteris.

Wild Ones

Šeštadienį prisimenant 🙂



Dar vaikystėje šis vokalas man atrodė labai seksualus.

Klipas labai patiko. Toks teatrališkas, toks “anų laikų” – drabužiai, meikapas, judesiai…



Nuotaikos gavus šildymo sąskaitą už gruodį:




Tuoj žiūrėsiu šitą multiką trečią kartą šį savaitgalį – ak, kaip gražu! 🙂

O Mandy Moore balselis tiesiog sukurtas įdainuoti princeses.

Mane tik stebina Rapunzel emocinis intelektas ir manieros po 18 metų su narcisistiška ragana. Something in the blood, matyt.

Teigiamo žiūrėjimo, kas susigundysit 🙂

Moon River


Ant princesių kalno

Mes gyvenam ant kalno – kaip princesės, sakau jai kaskart, žingsniuojant namo. 

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Shoot the Moon




Kai Istviko ragana paklausė, kokį vyrą dabar norėčiau matyti šalia savęs, pasakiau, kad būtų puiku sukryžminti Genijų su jos sutuoktiniu, bet tai, deja, neįmanoma.

Kodėl? – paklausė ji. Lyg galėčiau pamiršti, su kuo kalbuosi 🙂

Michael man padeda svajoti ritmiškai! Gero antradienio visiems.



Here Without You


Oldie but goodie. Tada, kai buvo hitas, aš buvau įsimylėjusi. Abipusiai.

Love on Top


Buvo verta jos “palaukti” iki šito skambesio.

Kiek jų, talentingų, stiprių kaip muzikinis akmuo, taip ir nusivaro… Iki hitų, iki tų absurdiškų kepurių…



Nuostabiai stilizuota, ir tas jos akcentas, sakantis “lenkė”… 🙂

Black Heart


Klipas, kaip dažniausiai nutinka, nieko bendro su daina neturi, bet labai miliu staugti ją garsiai pakeliui į dukros darželį po darbo 🙂

Jokių poteksčių, jeigu kas galvojat, kad dabar visas dainas čia dėsiu kažkokiems ex.

Tender Heart


Siempre Me Quedara


One Fine Day…


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The Ship Song


Nerealizuoti jausmai įgyja savarankišką gyvenimą, niekada manęs nepalieka, lyg būtų numanomi kaimynai už sienos, kuriuos kartais girdi. Neįkyrime, bet vieni kitų buvimu niekada nedvejojam. 

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The Letters


Šiandien viskas mane pasiekia kažkaip laiku, tikslingai. Perskaityti straipsniai, pašierinta daina, sentimentali dovana gimtadienio proga iš Kopenhagos Darbo muziejaus… 

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Miss Otis Regrets


Sentimentalumas gali būti toks stilingas, kai jį dainuoja Bryan Ferry!

Someone Like You


Pabaigos be pabaigos yra kenksmingos.

Užtruko daug metų, bet bent jau to turning up uninvited man nebenutinka. Karūna vietoj.

Visa kita pasimetę kažkur tarp eilučių, gerų manierų ir guodžiančios patirties: this, too, shall pass.

Seven Nation Army


O Kristau, kaip klipai kartais sugadina gerus gabalus… Siūlau užsimerkti ir klausytis šio energingo, vyriško, suvaldyto, agresyvaus vokalo, įsivaizduoti ne tik egzistencines, bet galbūt ir fizines kovas, ir nematyti metroseksualaus gaidžiukso, besisklaidančio su chic drapanom 🙁


I Haven’t Met You Yet


🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m Yours


Išgirdau ir pasijutau beveik laiminga. Štai kokia aš. Popsofščikė.

The A Team


Patinka man kartais tie berniukai – verksniukai. The worst things in life come free to us…

Your Heart Is As Black As Night


Net aš jaučiu pavasarį.

Lascia ch’io pianga. N-30


Almost Blue. Su šita galima ir mirti


My Valentine


Ši ankstyvam rytui ypač tinkanti daina mane užklumpa antrą rytą iš eilės važiuojant Goštauto gatve už Statoilo, tik baigus mano mažutį ralį (tie smagūs slidūs keli šimtai metrų nuo Seimo tilto).

Tobulas, kažkoks skoningas paprastumas. Lyg ir meilė, tik tas minoras skamba kaip nenutrinamas, neatšaukiamas, neperkalbamas bet.

You’ve Got a Way


Suskystėjau. Gal kad po ilgiausios išsiskyrimo savaitės iš serviso grįžo mašinytė? Šiltai apkabinau panelį vos įsėdusi… Tuoj imsiu suprasti tuos vyrukus, kurie užsiveda nuo savo mašinos 😀 Na tik jau erelių su drakonais beigi liepsnomis ant šonų pažadu nepaišyti. 

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When You Kiss Me


Visiems, kurie buvo įsimylėję. Kažkada.

Zara Zara Behakta Hai


Bolivudas yra nesuvokiamo juokingumo iš ten, kur aš stoviu, tad buvau laimingesnė, nemačiusi šio klipo.

Viena liūdniausių dainų.

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The Wilhelm Scream


Įkrito į mano feisbuko žinutes nuo netikėto siuntėjo – kažkaip laiku.

The Lady Is a Tramp


O gente da minha terra


Jei kurčiau filmą, jis būtų veik be siužeto, bet būtinai su šiuo garso takeliu.

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Kambarys kaip organinio stiklo dėžė. Perregima, nors ne visai. Pasaulis netoli – per ploną stiklą, bet dėžė sandari, o aš nieko neturiu rankose.



Mozart Requiem. Lacrimosa


Labai padeda susikaupti rašymui, ir šiaip yra vienas mano mėgstamiausių gabalų.

Driving with the Brakes on


Visą gyvenimą turėtų būti šitaip, pasakė jis


Pamiršk, ką esi girdėjęs apie “visą gyvenimą”, atsakiau.

Don’t Ever



You Belong to Me. Apie romantišką meilę


Ši daina man primena tas valandas, kai jie mylisi melancholiškai, jau ilgėdamiesi vienas kito; jie neieško žodžių tam pasakyti, bet jaučia, kad pirmo akių kontakto karštis slopsta, pirmo prisilietimo magija sklaidosi. Tai liūdnas išėjimas iš nuostabios ir vertingos būsenos “čia ir dabar” – tai gal vienintelis prasmingas šalutinis įsimylėjimo poveikis.

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Самый быстрый самолет. Vidiniai atsisveikinimai

Ką tik baigėme giminų lankymo turą po Lietuvą. Užsidėjome didelį pliusą ir dabar jau reikia suskubti ruoštis. Man staiga nebeatrodo, kad yra daug laiko iki kelionės. Deja, rytoj vietoje pasiilgtų draugų lankymo Kaune teks kraustyti daiktus…

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I Don’t Miss You at All


Ką tik suvokiau naują – savo – prasmę to, apie ką ji dainuoja!

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Toks lietus galėtų kristi Ispanijos provincijoje, tuščioj Varšuvos aikštėj ar Šilutės rajone. Visur vienodas.

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