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America’s Sweetheart

This one we turn up every time, Pia and I!

Association Game

Imagine an animal. It’s a doe. What do you do when you see it? I look her in the eye. What does she do? She stands there for a moment, then turns around and runs away. Now imagine water. It’s… no, not an ocean. It’s a lake. With a boat on it. Ok, now think […]

mode #whatever

what a relief to just stay in the place i was told was the worst a dead-end they taught you had to escape but see i want nothing from you no playing house no longevity what happened to having a good time and then saying thanks no digit exchange no pushing to meet n’shit we’re still convinced it is sort of the right […]

The Strange Universe of Facebook

There are two types of reactions I get when I tell someone I don’t have a Facebook account: “Really? Wow, respect!”/”OMG, me too!”/”You are so, so cool. I should get rid of mine as well.” “Hmmm. Only idiots, creeps and antisocial types don’t have a Facebook profile. You don’t seem to be either of those, so […]


I can make you happy. If you didn’t want or couldn’t have kids, I would not want them any more. I could give you as much space and freedom as you liked. I would take care of you in a wheelchair and love you every day. I think I would love you even if you […]


Your name doesn’t suit you at all. I’ve sensed this my whole life. And then I remembered! He used to call me Marla. Here’s why:  

Friday Night Mother – Daughter Chat

I’m going out to see a friend, mother. So you’ve dated him or his brother? Errr, dating wouldn’t be the word of my choice… but both. Ok.

Contact Number / Numeris grįžo

Hello again, please continue using my regular phone number +37065696639. However, I am only available for calls/texts (no Viber, Whatsap etc.). You can always contact me via email, skype, Twitter and blog, all of which I will most likely check/respond to in the evenings. *** Tegu bus pagarbintas, trumpai pranešu, kad vėl galite mane pasiekti +37065696639. […]

Connection Problematic / Ryšio sutrikimai

Dear all, last night, my phone and wallet with IDs were stolen. Currently, I am reachable via my back up phone number +37069927191. I’m now using a non-smart relic which I can’t even text back with, so calls/texts and introductions please. My Instagram will be dead together with my hipster alter ego, so no more updates […]


– Forgive me. – Always.

Once Upon a Dream


To Jim

aka gym.

On simplicity

– Come live with me. Come live with me, seriously. – What do we do after we get bored with all the sex? – Everything.

And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0O0Avz-aO0 I wonder

Keistas jausmas. Gal ruduo

Šiandien mano virtuvėje neįtikėtinai tylu. Visada viskas prityla, prieš grįžtant namo dukrai, bet šiandien yra kitaip. Gal tai ruduo, gal tai mano mintys apie naujas galimybes, mano norai ir fantazijos apie tai, kaip viskas turėtų tuoj tuoj pasikeisti – nors ir pati nežinau, apie ką aš čia.