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Perfect Storm

Baha’i Prayer for the Suffering

Friend sent it to me a couple of days ago, who I am very grateful to, although I did not anticipate to have a sad opportunity to share it with the world, which suffers from repeated terror and demise.


Girls Like

Never Be Like You

Taste the Feeling

Love the song, even though it’s really a commercial 🙂


Make You Miss Me

Oh, Sam… Keep going, it works 🙂


My Baby

I really dig the creepy vibe of that soundtrack.


Sunday anthem. My new favourite band. And she’s amazingly beautiful to me.

Drunk in the Morning

Oooh we have a song for you! she shouts and turns up the volume. There’s nothing like Mr. and Mrs. Nielsen both singing the refrain at my dining table! And though Lars speaks little, he definitely can sing! I LOVE friends.

Daily Sounds

Cheers to the New Year everyone! Cheers to keeping our eyes open to opportunities, listening to your heart, feeling the positive vibes and being inspired by amazing people. Here’s one to watch this year, an adventurous soul with a musical taste that makes you think it’s a lucky thing you’re wearing headphones right now: Daily Sounds I’ve been meaning to […]

Be the One