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Eurovision 2016 Favourites. Ukraine

Saw Jamala first on the semi-final and was shocked how it wasn’t a performance at all. I mean the woman has profound vocal abilities and the song is great. Yet it was like having a skull brought in during one of Trimalchio’s feasts. She wasn’t putting up a show – she was bringing a message, a […]

Eurovision 2016 Favourites. Sweden

Let me just tell you this, Frans. If you walked a thousand miles to tell me you were sorry, I’d let you in, give you food and forgive you everything. Seriously though, simplicity at its best.

Eurovision 2016 Favourites. Israel

Amazing melody (is it just me, or does it have a bit of that Slavic melancholy in it?), beautiful yet not overwhelming stage effects, strong voice and well, he’s a Jew. Much love.

Eurovision 2016 Favourites. Lithuania

What’s the best thing about a song? It presses certain emotional buttons, triggers associations and generally stimulates one’s imagination. When I hear this song, I’m suddenly a teenager in love, with the whole world a promise, and the fact that Donny Montell has his looks makes my mind go this exciting path like it’s a walk […]

The Sound of Silence

I’ve Been Waiting For This Night

I can’t even.

All Would Envy

The Greatest

Don’t Answer Me

One Way Or Another

It’s no secret Stalker was one of the best series I’ve seen, and its soundtrack contains several remarkably done covers. This is one of them and, gotta admit, has a very sexy vibe. In a very wrong way.

Not Ready to Make Nice

Come Over


I jus love the language. The song wouldn’t be half as good in English.


Wow, someone interesting. Is it Daily Sounds worthy?

Bow Down

It was a beautiful spring night a year ago. Mrs. Nielsen was visiting. We soaked ourselves in booze, got into adventures all over Lithuania and had the time of our lives, as it happens when we hook up with her. That night, we went to a concert at the National Philharmonic Hall.