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Home Sweet Home

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A Friend’s Getting Married

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I Suddenly Feel Like That

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Warming up

I must confess, I can only wear glasses for a limited period of time. I soon start feeling uneasy, like a nerd that I am anyway, but who likes to think of oneself as another-way-of-sexy most of the time. Well, that’s all I can do. And yes, I do feel like I’m growing old. Still […]

Preppy Cute?

Wearing b. young leather dress, grey marl jacket borrowed from Mrs. Nielsen (not sure ’bout the brand – Esprit?), Mango leggings, Gabor boots from Pudrine boutique, paisley scarf from Camden town – it’s like a hundred years old, then this bag from a vintage boutique with a very vague name (Vintage Boutique?) and H&M gloves […]


We went to Kaunas last weekend. Pia visited Tadas Ivanauskas animal museum for the first time. Here, we were snacking at a mall. Pia was wearing Allsaints dress, Akuku leopard vest, Lindex jeggings, Emu short-boots, with Amaya in her hand. Amaya’s gonna be the doll who’s travelled the world ūüôā Photo: mine.

Think Blonde

Yes. Thats me: I persistently approach some objective for several years, do what I wanted so much and then start changing it all over again. Now that I have my natural hair colour back (after 14 years), I started thinking blonde (again!). Not that peroxide-bleached-hair-falling-out blonde but more tasteful, yet brighter than it is now. […]

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Distinguee 33

Modern technology has entered the beauty world, people! It’s the second ultra-sophisticated lipstick case I get in one week. First, all you see is sleek and glamorous black case. You press the gold bottom – et voila! – the lipstick pops out! Gosh, when did they start doing those things? The lipstick itself made me […]

A Strange Case of Accs

Considering accessories, I have been living out the rule “less is more” for many years now – basically due to a phenomenon known as “champagne taste in a beer pocket”. I do love gold and precious stones, and if I can’t afford them, I don’t buy anything at all. I have contemplated upon this psychological […]

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Nahema 143

This one’s a novelty among the Guerlain lipstick range – mostly outstanding because of the single-handed operation of the tube (rocket science it is!). I was looking for a creamy pink but pale shades don’t really work for me. So went for this lollypop shade and… I’m having doubts. First of, I prefer matte lipsticks […]

Tom Ford Black Orchid. It’s MINE

If you read the reviews of Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP, it’s a furore. I honestly couldn’t understand all the mystification of the product. Well, I do now. Last night, Augustas brought it to me from Warsaw and I know I met¬†my scent. Still find it hard to articulate the associations it provokes but yes. […]

Oh. Dear. Lord

I was a major bitch today and do you know what major bitches get in the end of the day? Tom Ford Black Orchid. I think I might go cry a bit.

Saturday Trophies for Daughter And Mum

Got this superb cashmere cap by¬†Oscar et Valentine¬†at Bambizzi shop for Pia. I say, cashmere is the material of materials – doesn’t sound as poetic as I wish but it truly¬†is¬†a bliss to touch, let alone the warmth it gives. And here’s something for Pia’s mum. I haven’t been using perfume for three years: got […]

My First "I'm a Big Fan!"

So it was the desperate night Lithuania lost to Macedonia in the Eurochamp and brought grave mourning onto the streets of Vilnius. The bars emptied of the sobbing fans; the streets reminded of a 3rd rate psychedelic films with leaves flying in ambery streetlight in small hours, and you got the feeling all this might […]

Goldilocks' Running Through the Woods Tonight

Wearing Mango cobalt blue cardigan, marl grey top, Mango leggings (all c/o Evelina), French Connection trench, d. copenhagen boots and vintage earrings. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uidU24v-Oo8 Photo: Augustas Gutautas.