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tell me sweet nothings i miss you


when her sleepy eyes travel down the morning landscape of his chest skin against the breeze of his exhale sunk in the scent of his peaceful embrace she remembers no other names and in the tenderest minutes of all farewells she hopes he is half as sad to leave as she is to keep letting him go


chemicals rush in the brain predictable configurations of possible outcomes of all interactions from the beginning of time in love insane quiet funerals of loud ideals are the favourite places to be now looking for triggers to feel anything at all *** 19 July 2015


don’t you get just too tired sometimes tearing your nails trying to grab on life on happiness evolution of soul and all the sacred things when it’s not a given don’t you just get exhausted to try don’t you ever lose focus and slip and every time the glass mountain seems an impossible journey up […]


i used to be afraid of many things invisible irrational and unexplained this fear would paralyse me to my fingertips till i could barely breathe making my way i found myself a weapon then resembling a little secret spell invisible irrational unverified protecting from my sneaky monsters still i’d sing i’d sing myself to calm to […]


What are you afraid of?

The Tale of Two Planets

Once upon a time, there were two planets. One inhabited by a race who lived in harmony with one another, sharing love and intimacy, the feeling of belonging, and their hearts were bare. They trusted each other with the depths of their mind, enjoyed being together and lived in large flocks like tender, affectionate birds. On the other […]

naktinis žygis

po vieną daug kiekvienas sau dabar matau tyloj šviesiau ir man ir tau

mode #whatever

what a relief to just stay in the place i was told was the worst a dead-end they taught you had to escape but see i want nothing from you no playing house no longevity what happened to having a good time and then saying thanks no digit exchange no pushing to meet n’shit we’re still convinced it is sort of the right […]

Daily Sounds

Cheers to the New Year everyone! Cheers to keeping our eyes open to opportunities, listening to your heart, feeling the positive vibes and being inspired by amazing people. Here’s one to watch this year, an adventurous soul with a musical taste that makes you think it’s a lucky thing you’re wearing headphones right now: Daily Sounds I’ve been meaning to […]

Never Keep Your Heart Safe

To K. B. Never keep your heart safe Locked up in a dusty guest room Packed in a cardboard box Next to memories Of past loves and broken affairs And missed opportunities Don’t preserve it in a neat glass jar For bystanders to watch From every possible angle Without a chance to touch Don’t settle […]

calling out to planet sisyphus

you know how it feels to be strange stars scattered across the universe with orbits that never cross paths we are strange planets with memories of being people who walk the earth look into each other’s eyes fall in love have we ever been that? have we been anything else but those huge rocks with […]


I flew away, leaving the ocean behind my back. Its endless surface was glimmering at the perennial moonshine, covered by vast comforting darkness, undisturbed by human sounds or the wind. The smell of the sea – it follows you no matter how far away you go. It lingers on your skin and drenches into your spirit. 


to love a man who can’t collect himself to utter my name

birthday gift

drowning in anticipation doubtful of the chance and then and then the ray of sun making my day melting in sweetness in blossom-like rapture it’s all i wished for today