11. Vipassana. Habits

by HelluvaGirl

Disclaimer: This is a personal experience of a novice in Vipassana, presented as a series of insights, not an attempt to render advice or explain the technique in full extent, and should not be taken as guidance or a comprehensive course report. 


get up at 4 am

briskly throw on the clothes folded out the night before

wait for the two minutes to brush the teeth in the bathroom

bundle up in the warm blanket before stepping out

take in the breath of humid, pre-sunrise air that pierces the nostrils, the throat, the thoughts

glance at the pinkish-yellow lake skies

the reality at this time of day is not easily tamed but little by little becomes somewhat appealing

enter the Meditation Hall

sit down, look at the lines of straightened backs, begin


Days into this, I start thinking what if I continued to get up at this hour? What if I meditated every day? The thoughts, the feelings, the energy are powerful; they change your life. But everything begins from changing a habit.

I haven’t been smoking for almost two weeks. What if I don’t start again when I’m out?

What do I do when I’m out? What do I take away? Will this seem important after weeks or moths being back… there?