4. Vipassana. Together in Silence

by HelluvaGirl

Disclaimer: This is a personal experience of a novice in Vipassana, presented as a series of insights, not an attempt to render advice or explain the technique in full extent, and should not be taken as guidance or a comprehensive course report. 


Funny how many questions arise when you have to live with a person you’ve never met before, in a tiny room, without speaking.

Does she want me to leave the light? Do I turn off the heater now? And when am I supposed to shower? The bathroom shared by our whole floor is always busy.

Wonder who she is, though. Is her husband with the male group here? Must be like 7 months pregnant. Probably some vegan yoga teacher who will deliver her baby in a shrine with scented candles and mantras. 

She’s attractive, though. About my age. Tanned, blonde. Great legs. I’ve heard her speak to managers in accent. Finnish?

Will she tell me if anything is wrong with her or the baby? I hope she does, albeit against the rules.

I do my best to not hinder. One of my worst fears is being someone’s pain in the arse, so I’ll do my best to occupy as little psychological and physical space as I can. You’ll have to drag me closer a number of times before I begin to approach without invitation.

Therefore, the Noble Silence we practice here imposes a lot of guessing on me. But as time goes by, the pregnant yoga teacher and I intuitively adjust, trying to make the best guesses of how the other would want things to be.