Karma in Action

by HelluvaGirl

So last night we had Best Friend’s farewell party. We did everything we said we wouldn’t, like going to the plastic fantastic Mojo club and ending up on a bench eating Hesburger’s… I know – how low can you go? I can go to Hesburger and not even feel bad about it!

But I want to tell you something amazing that happened last night.

Me and two guys exit Hesburger, there’s a homeless man in a wheelchair asking for cash. I scoop all my coins from the wallet and give them to him. Walking away I say:

Damn it, not a single cigarette left!

We sit on a bench in front of the junk food shrine and when I look up, there’s the homeless guy, stretching out his hand with a pack of cigarettes. I take one in awe and he lights it up.

Karma in action! laughs one of my companions.

One might say I purchased a ciggie for about a euro, I say a miracle of sharing and gratitude happened. To him, I wasn’t just a chick who added to his nightly balance – he heard me, he did something in return. Because we tend to see beggars as takers only. The exchange of roles is somewhat awakening every time. The inertia ends there, and where inertia ends, life happens.

I must say this was one of the most astounding moments in my life.