Under the Skin

by HelluvaGirl

Ever since I’ve watched it, I’ve been thinking about us, robots.

The ET beings, not born out of Pure Love but merely sent to Earth for a pre-ordered function, trying to cope in the meantime with every side-effect of having a pussy and boobs, and – God forbid – budding feelings. 

And how tempted we become to be humane.

How inevitable it is to get curious about feeling what they feel. About being vulnerable (errr?). About experiencing the whole range of human perception.

It gets to you, it reels you in. You wanna try it on. You make one mistake after another.

And yet.

The one she let’s escape.

The one she goes home with.

The one she gets raped – disassembled? – by.

The one who collects her before another item is launched. And so on and so forth.

But –

what’s the yearning and the purpose of the ones who are susceptible to us? I’ve been trying to guess it for decades, fighting the raising feeling of guilt.

Everyone has a purpose.