IQ Test

by HelluvaGirl

We started talking about IQ at work today. Colleague Friend asked me what was mine, and I was like, not much, 130 last time I checked, but it was ages ago.

He went like, yyyyeeeeaaahhh, 130. Everyone turned at me and were smiling wide. As in, ok girl, you’re confusing things. This is borderline genious! So no, not you. Not the one who has that little paper on the desk drawn by one kind ex colleague, with a scheme showing how to deduce VAT. 

I felt a bit uneasy because hell knows, maybe I was mixing something up? I was a teenager when I did that test. What if my IQ is in fact 70?! Or 18?..

So I did it. With two mistakes: one made out of lack of concentration, the other I truly couldn’t figure out.

Up yours.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 21.42.15