Barcelona. Day Four. Part One

by HelluvaGirl

Aaah, so finally I come to witness the amiable nature of the nation.

We need to print a bunch of tickets I’ve purchased to Sagrada Familia, Museu Picasso, l’Aquarium and Parc Guell. As we reach the spot where an internet cafe is supposed to be according to Here, it’s nowhere to be found. I ask a random man on La Rambla if he knows the place. He doesn’t.

But there is a hotel – let’s go inside and perhaps they can print them out for you.

As I follow him, mumbling something about the tickets being inside my iPhone and that it’s probably not gonna work, we’re already at the lobby of Arc La Rambla. He speaks to the receptionist and the next thing I know, she gives me the wifi code for guests, suggests I email the tickets to her and prints them out for me. No charge.


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