The Tale of Two Planets

by HelluvaGirl

Once upon a time, there were two planets.

One inhabited by a race who lived in harmony with one another, sharing love and intimacy, the feeling of belonging, and their hearts were bare. They trusted each other with the depths of their mind, enjoyed being together and lived in large flocks like tender, affectionate birds.

On the other planet, however, there lived species who were incapable of experiencing intimacy, and nothing would really get under their skin. They led solitary lifestyles sprinkled with sociable facets. Sometimes they would even touch each other – but not to the soul.

That’s how they were.

When the era of cosmic travel dawned, it was a disastrous thing because after years and years of visiting, the inhabitants of the two planets got mixed. They learned each others’ ways by observation, as it’s no secret people tend to become the image of what their eyes greet ever so often. Only to a certain point.

After many moons, they forgot where each came from exactly. No one could tell who they really were any more. Thus, it became rather complicated to spot someone from the same planet, of the same nature.

It was nothing like home where everyone wanted the same in a natural state of existence. No sharp angles, no bleeding.

To be able to function in their communities, they started having arrangements they called relationships – those were sets of certain rules they had to follow to make living together possible. They stuck with one another, as usually was the case, being from different worlds, having completely different viewpoints and needs, and they made each other quite unhappy.

They were aggravated by the mismatch, and the feelings of guilt, blame, shortage and suffocation prevailed.

People from the planet of sharing would beat themselves up because of their neediness; those from the planet of solitude felt acid guilt over their insensibility. They convinced themselves and each other they had to be something they weren’t.

It was now the world of (self)doubt and immense yearning that one day, just maybe, each would run into someone whose soul sang the same melody, and no arrangements or fractures of attitude would be necessary to co-exist in freedom.

And that’s how we are.