Gotta Love the First Times!

by HelluvaGirl

Things in this world will hardly stop amazing me.

Well. I’ve had this fear for a long time now, since I’ve learned how much butter and petrol costs, what it takes to arrange one’s schedule for two etc. I’ve learnt a lot on my own so far.

However, there still was one thing I couldn’t collect myself to accomplish.

Guys at work would tell me, you know, grow up, think about it, it’s nothing scary. There’s not much to it. Several simple steps. Even you can easily do it. Courage!

They would explain the sequence to me in the most detailed way possible, like people who genuinely care about the mentally disabled.

But sometimes rationalisations don’t help and all you need to man up is a load of bird shit.

Bird shit is something you can’t easily ignore. Well, at least I can’t, with a mild form of OCD.




The First Time I’ve washed my car – MYSELF! Like on my own, with my own hands! Seriously though, I feel like it’s my new hobby. And a critical milestone in the land of fear, where you’re so tense about making a mistake, wasting the time of all the people waiting in the queue, annoyed. #flashback to my first times at McDonalds and Coffee Inn!

Ah, what a day 🙂