Association Game

by HelluvaGirl

Imagine an animal.

It’s a doe.

What do you do when you see it?

I look her in the eye.

What does she do?

She stands there for a moment, then turns around and runs away.

Now imagine water.

It’s… no, not an ocean. It’s a lake. With a boat on it.

Ok, now think of a vessel.

It’s a large copper rummer.

What’s inside?


What do you do with it?

I drink it up and throw it to the snow.

So your encounter with the animal is how you deal with your fears. The water is your sexual energy. It’s larger than a puddle but it’s still. And your rummer is the way you treat your relationships. They are firm and rich in content, but as thirstily you consume them, as resolutely you throw them away.