Buddha at the Gas Pump. Jan Esmann

by HelluvaGirl

Jan Esmann interview

After watching a portion of this video I had a strange dream.


My whole life, experiencing the loss identity I’d feel like shit. I used to be so convinced I was supposed to be something. Clear-cut. Turns out I should’ve revelled in this state of in-between, in the grey nothingness I’ve known so well.


There have been dreams like this before.

Complete calm that’s impossible to disturb. As if I wasn’t sleeping at all but constantly watched myself being very still in a very powerful way. As soon as I’d get anxious in my half-sleep, I would invite myself back to the sensation that was stronger than anything and impossible to lose.

I guess I’m just intuitive and have a rich imagination. Still feels good to find out there are people in search or handling things I only sense the existence of sometimes.