Connection Lost

by HelluvaGirl

…and I have known the most vivacious of emotions – raging fire, burning ice, torrential water, scorched earth…. and yet they are all tame when compared to the glow of the moon and a gentle, yet unassuming, spark in the dead of night. Stars peppering the heavens again… Such is the power it has over me.

I am here. Stretching my pale arm across the universe towards the side I once left you be. I hear an echo of an emotion from that world every now and then, and I turn there with every single atom of my being, looking for a sign of you, hoping it’s not some false signal mistakenly travelling vast galaxies without a purpose. I am made to respond to that hint of a sound, however misleading its nature, in case it’s you.

I am here. What can I do?

Wonder if my signal ever reaches you undistorted. Then again, it’s a universe of purposeless floating, forever isolated, divinely indifferent…

The sole purpose is learning to belong here.