by HelluvaGirl

I have a friend and we play a game.

It’s called Comfort Zone Project, or CZP.

We made a pact to each step out of our personal comfort zone once a week: to do something scary/risky/embarrassing – all of which may be instigating things overdue, or just keep us awake, or toughen up, or serve as a break-through.

I’ve been thinking this and that, trying to find something I could do for my first week.

I am going home for Easter tomorrow. I have a plan. It is scary beyond words to even imagine accomplishing it. Something I have never done in my life.

I’m doubtful if I will muster the courage; if I will manage to orchestrate elegant circumstance for doing that – because in my life, things are so much better when they’re damn elegant…

I am not confident at all.

But then again, the game’s not for playing it safe.