by HelluvaGirl

Don’t ask me why or how, but once upon a winter my schoolmate persuaded me to join her on a visit to a fortune-teller.

It was an old lady who accepted whatever you gave her for a fee.

My girlfriend, one of those golden kids from a loving and functional family, owning a beautiful house, a sunny smile and hair to die for, listened as the fortune-teller promised her a university, a nice boyfriend, a strong family and a good life. 

I was smirking in the meantime.

As my turn came, I was expecting some standard tale. I was in for a surprise, though.

The lady tried the cards once, twice, looked at them, shrugged her shoulders and said:

You know, all I see is that you will be alone.

Interesting, I thought. A bit of a twist away from the regular nuisance. Fortune-tellers usually don’t serve those kind of insights to teenage girls. I was quite satisfied with the exclusive version of my presumable future and we left.

If you only knew how many times in life I’ve remembered that old woman and her words… Today yet again I can see how she was right. I know a lot about self-suggestion and thought programming. But I also know this:

Every day for the past 299 days I wanted to not be alone. I even tried a couple of times. Unfortunately, I am the type of person who, wanting a pistachio and chocolate ice-cream will have no ice-cream at all if those flavours are unavailable.

And that’s how it is.