50 Shades of Grey

by HelluvaGirl

Ok so I watched the film instead, which was basically the same thing as sleeping, if one could be bored and #rolleyes excessively while sleeping, then enter Johnnie Walker for things to be bearable at all.

First, a horrible choice of cast, which I saw without seeing the film in the first place. Grey looks like a boy with some funny ideas he doesn’t own, and he walks in a quirky way. Nothing giving association with control – that little big something you sense and you succumb immediately to without even making a choice – when it’s there.

Anastasia – ok that was hilarious – Anastasia also drives a VW Beetle #lol That kinda gave her my very subjective mental high-five… But she looks… it doesn’t even matter how she looks. Bad acting can ruin the most suited type for the role, which Dakota Johnson is absolutely not.

Didn’t buy a single minute of their non-existent connection, of Grey’s non-existent power or Steele’s being on camera by any other reason but a complete accident. And I’m really sorry because I believe those people did what they could to make it a good product. I can empathise well with failing majorly and I wish they didn’t have to be a part of it. But they are.

I believe all those people went to the cinema just to make sure the film was that bad. So bad it makes the book look good. Didn’t make it to the second part of the audiobook, though. Might try as a sleeping pill tonight, perhaps?

What I think… I think it could’ve actually been really sexy. Now I see why the global BDSM society is indignant with the way this sort of connection is depicted in the film. It was made by people who only know how it looks from the outside.