Wake Up We

by HelluvaGirl

I keep wondering when those questions will run out… Why drag the subject to and fro? It has never been a matter of making a step, not for one of us, so why linger on something as empty?

Some of the above questions are addressed to myself, too (is that you or me talking?).

Victims are too comfortable in their own shoes.

Sacrificing their wishes, thinking people around them need it… They don’t, whatever the appearances. They are not the ones who need it the most.

You need it. Just admit it for once and everything will fall into places. You need to be misunderstood. That clash of your milieu and aspirations is part of your identity now. You revel in the role of being too good for them. The world is so unjust.

How do you escape? People with self-respect don’t escape. They move on (as in leave) without tearing their heart out because they know why they’re doing it, and to some of us there are reasons superior to doing the right thing – or, in the case of one of us, they stay but admit that they want to stay more than anything, more than anything.

We are a funny pair, in need of dreams that don’t come true. Well sometimes an alarm clock helps. I wouldn’t want any wind of destiny to bring us together, not any more. Because today I can see the difference between a step one makes and a drift while waiting for someone else to make it #doesntcount

That’s the place we ought to tell ourselves our lives are amazing just as they are.

And we don’t miss anything at all, anything at all.