God’s Love

by HelluvaGirl

They say God’s Love is measured by the scope of challenges he gives us.

If so, God must be growing real fond of me.

He keeps inviting me to his playground where his lethal breath is right about to shatter my life as I know it. And as I accept it before the actual transformation, the challenge is called off.

I sigh with relief because, as a human, I have the feeling of fear of losing everything that makes my earthly life fulfilled. I don’t want to be tried, pushed to my limits or have everything humane in me broken.

Just as I think I can continue to drift lightheartedly, he changes his mind: he wants to play again.

God grows Love in us by giving trials that are most unfair, judging by human logic.

He picks out people and occurrences which persistently point out that nothing will ever be easy for me.

While making my moves to counter material, visible situations, more and more often I remember Eternity is my home. I look its way and say: if it’s my time, let’s do it. Make me sick and disgraced, take away everything I cherish if that will purge my soul.

How about this time? Will it suffice to just be ready or will I have to go all the way?

I am afraid but I Love more.

Cap, bien sûr.