by HelluvaGirl

He does the dishes, allowing me to sleep longer before we have to leave.

He makes my bed neatly like a monk while I’m in the shower.

He buys me things, saying it’s his pleasure.

He dives into philosophical discussions with me before we jump to the most casual chit-chat as old friends do, and he totally gets me.

He incidentally calls my place home.

He says goodbye picking very few and very right words.

He texts me hours after parting for an indefinite period of time, saying he already feels lonely.

He makes me fall for him and that is sickening and disturbing –

because I begin to feel things I thought I’d never feel to anyone else.

I feel unfaithful. 

I want to shove it to your face, to make you see how fine I am without you. But it pierces my heart because I feel I’m losing you irrevocably, though there’ll always be that one random hour in a day in my Secret Catacombs with the fixation on immeasurably greater depths we could’ve discovered together, you and I.

If only you’d given us a chance in between the worlds and realities, and considerations, and the code.