Working on It

by HelluvaGirl

It’s been 34 days now.

The Teacher says it takes 40 days for a very strong and constant thought to submerge to our subconscious and become our guiding attitude.

I have been working on it for almost as long and I’m determined to continue towards that indefinitely. Every single day for the 34 days I have been meditating every waking hour when I haven’t been occupying my mind with work or other activities requiring mental concentration. I have been carrying a syringe in my mind, filled with one paramount idea and I can already feel it’s easier for me to stay in the moment of calm when I remember to.

The injection is mostly needed in the moments I interact with the closest people, the ones my heart and mind is attached to, because it is they who provoke my sharpest humane angles to display themselves. The ones I say I love – but I am on my way to really loving them in the light of eternity.

We always get what we want. I do.

I actually do.