Calm vs. Numb

by HelluvaGirl

So it appears I live in a huge place filled with deafening silence.

So much air…

The clouds herded by strong wind, the whole world outside the window and inside, right where I am. And it does feel like spring in the beginning of January, it does.

An echo of a feeling. Just an echo. Almost not there.

Your skin is so pale and soft it seems like it’s almost not there. Just like you.

Just like me. Almost not there.

I wanted to get into a minor car accident on our way to the airport.

Stop casting spells.

It does feel like I am methodically surviving; just moving from my little point A to a point B without much consideration about the final destination. That wish to foresee and invite the future has brought me too much pain.

Right now, it’s almost not there. The wise say it’s a good sign. When you are completely calm.

How do you tell calm from numb?