The Tale of the Wall

by HelluvaGirl

There was a planet on the outskirts of the Universe, inhabited by winds who liked to play with vast oceans and to caress magnificent volcanos asleep.

A man lived on that planet, who’s beauty was immense and overtaking as the light and splendour of the Sun.

There lived a woman on that planet, whose slow and sensuous abidance emanated balmy Moon shine wherever she went.

Without the knowledge of it, they walked their planet for ages, nearing each other, and there was an imminent point in their voyage where they would come to meet.

And so it happened for it was written in the Book of Time that they would meet and change their world forever.

As they got closer, the winds started howling and the oceans stormed, and the volcanos began to hum a threatening promise.

The man and the woman stopped for a second as they stood separated merely by the distance of a breath, and there was a preternatural flash of light, and they saw everything that has been, was and would be, and they knew things beyond the limits of the world, and yes, nothing was to be the same ever again.

They found relief, fulfilment in each other and the infant feeling of returning home.

But as their new unity grew stronger, the hunger for intimacy beyond possible awoke, and attachment of an avid nature began striking roots in the ground.

Yes, the world began to change in ways they failed to outline, lost in each other. As they devouringly bathed in their powerful light, the roots began to crack the ground and the face of the earth broke, and volcanos erupted, and the planet came apart. It fell to pieces on each of their sides, until there was barely a spot of land to stand on.

Seeing the threatening collapse, they took a step away from each other, overtaken by a new unfamiliar feeling of heartache.

Oddly, the chaos quieted down as they separated.

They stretched their arms towards each other again, as an unbearable longing for oneness now overtook their hearts and every second standing a step away was a tearing pain.

As soon as they touched, however, the ground broke under their feet again with dreary warning.

In fierce lament brought unto them by grave perception, they kneeled in front of one another and started building a wall.

Their teary eyes spoke of an excruciating pain to know, to have seen and to be fated to remember forever.

The Time broke into pieces of the past, present and future again, only they couldn’t unsee.

They built a grand design.

By the end of their toil, the planet has almost recovered its former shape and prosperity. The nature healed and flourished persistently, the elements communed in peace, and for a passing onlooker, it could seem as if nothing has changed.

But you do remember, the world was meant to change forever, and so it did.

The handsome and strong man who’s energy and vigour shone gloriously like the Sun, and the woman with the face of the Moon and the smile of the night now sat on two separate sides of a crude brick wall. They leaned their backs on it in scorching heat of day, and watched the same stars at clement nights with the eyes that have made love to another’s soul. They sat on each side of the wall, chained to it by knowing there was someone else in the world who’s turned them into gods before they knew that gods were the loneliest.

They slept at the wall. Forever bound, eternally apart.