Full Stops Are Bull

by HelluvaGirl

In the course of unfavourable events, a full stop is a solution required by a person who is unable to endure heartache.

It only makes sense why there have been so many full stops in my relationships and endeavours so far.

On one hand, I want to make the “right” decisions: be decent, non-interfering and honest; on the other – shutting myself out from something or someone, causing me to see that life is not primarily about the realisation of my personal wishes, does not stimulate my development.

So what do I do now? 

Just witness, not expecting anything, not enforcing my preferences internally, yet sustain connections that are so non-incidental, externally, and learn the damn lesson for once?

Oh, that state of hung-up-somewhere-in-between is the most distressing to me! #purgatory

But I am capable of connecting more dots now. If I am here, it means I need it. I can rush out of it as much as I want but it won’t work until I calm down, accept things and drop the idea the world must turn around me.

We are all so insignificant and dim when isolated…

Yet we are beautiful in our potential to grow out of our shells and to add to the pool of Love by accepting life as our own reflection – by making that reflection worthwhile to look at. I don’t mean giving up choices, decisions or objections. Just being flexible and not fighting things that are meant to happen in their best time for us, including those that are not meant to happen at all.

Like I always say: there are people we meet to build houses together, have children and grow old with. Then there are those we meet to say hello, have a nice chat and say goodbye. It gets really messy when we mix up the two.

I’ve met someone I can’t get out of a conversation with, even at times we don’t say a word. That’s probably the whole reason we met for as no full stop has helped so far.

Perhaps my task here is to stay on topic and quit thinking about playing house.