She Won’t Go Away

by HelluvaGirl

I keep having this dream.

I kill a woman and try to get rid of her. Beside the fact that she is already dead, I tie her hands behind the back with a plastic wire. I put her into a black bag, face down, and into the trunk of a car. I want to get rid of her but the moment I look inside the bag again, she’s gone. 

Then she comes back, I kill her again. And it doesn’t stop.

When I see her dead, I know she really isn’t. She’s just playing her part. Hence the tied hands.

I want her dead because she is something I cannot handle, cannot accept. Something that threatens my being in some sense.

But then I know she allows me to think I can win when in fact I will never.

Lying in that plastic bag, her hair and shoulders look exactly like my own. Last night she was even wearing my navy blue Zara blazer I sport at the office.