Re Purpose in Life

by HelluvaGirl

When I thought I found my purpose in life, i.e. to be happy, the essence of this concept in my mind included being in harmony with the world; feeling positive and grateful for everything I have been given by God and people; not only being the glass full to the top – but being a fountain.

I think I may have mixed the wording – or I simply see it clearer now. I realise happiness is just a part of an inevitable outcome of what I see as my ultimate purpose today: it’s Love. The one that is not so much meant for a single person but to everything in the Universe; the one that is God itself and the source of life. I want to become the tap of that source. I can see all my heartache has had to do with the effort to own: things, people, course of events… A pre-programmed failure before the start.

My purpose is cultivating the Love that lasts forever; the one I will come back to grow and give away in my other lives; the one that is the condition of vitality and something that provides joy without any external reasoning – or even under grave circumstances in life. The one that is Heaven without the need to travel anywhere. The one children are born from.

I ask myself and others forgiveness for all the times I have rejected or undermined Love for the sake of human logic, ideals and realisation of my own will.

I thank God for the countless opportunity to straighten my ways and to pursue towards the eternal.