Learning from My Girl

by HelluvaGirl

I had a blast with Pia tonight: we picked a bunch of post-cards at a book shop and later wrote wishes to friends.

Well, she was writing, I was dictating the letters. But she would think of the texts.

The one to the Upstairs Boy opened with

I miss you lots!

When I suggested we wrote a post-card to him and dropped it into his post-box, she lit up and couldn’t contain herself, jumping with excitement.

I remembered an episode we had this summer. My mother and sister were visiting, we were chilling on the terrace, Pia was playing next to us having biancos, and the Upstairs Boy popped his head through the window and called out to Pia.

She sat still for a second, unaware of where the voice was coming from, until I whisked my hand up, smiling.

Pia raised her eyes and there was that… look. Having seen her face, my sister and I turned to each other, startled. I mean the kids are both five but the look on my daughter’s face when she saw her favourite boy was the look that dates back ages, that has been there forever: surprised, amazed, happy to the point of inability to articulate, intoxicated with joy. The child was radiating energy that reverberated in all of us around her, and when she came back to her senses, she jumped up, started screaming, laughing, making a show for him.

It was an inimitable, unforgettable, electrified #nofilter moment of connection.

Tonight, when she told me, eyes shining, what she was about to write on his post-card, I realised how much I’ve subdued – and envied – that freedom to daringly express what was inside. No caution, no mannerisms. She missed him and she put it on the card!

That’s the way to do it. I pray that she never grows out of it. I pray that she is never careful and weighing, and timid, and appropriate in love.