by HelluvaGirl

I can make you happy. If you didn’t want or couldn’t have kids, I would not want them any more. I could give you as much space and freedom as you liked. I would take care of you in a wheelchair and love you every day. I think I would love you even if you were lousy in bed – or if that part of our life together for some reason would be out of the picture. I would touch and hold and caress you whenever you felt like it. I would comfort you when you were moody. I would make food for you. I would obey you and I would teach you, too. I would have matching tattoos with you. I could be married to you if you wanted – or I could just wear an onion ring if you gave me one. Today it feels like I would be faithful to you without an effort but if a day should come that effort would be needed, I would make it my firmest effort and I would never fail you, I would never betray you. I could be poor with you – and that, my Friend, is something I’ve never told anyone, let alone meant it.

I had not met a man or a woman to tell those things to before and now that I have, I want to give it all to you alone.

An excerpt of an unsent letter. Anyone can go ahead and use it. It’s free, it isn’t meant for anyone any more and it’s too beautiful for the recycle bin. You’re welcome.