by HelluvaGirl

Pick up — Oysters and champagne dinner  — Smoke watching rooftops of churches and castles in the Old Town — Talk of war and who really built the Egyptian pyramids — Drive with radio on – why do they keep singing about the same thing on and on? — My legs in the clear foamless water of the bathtub — Too much carbs — What kind of people are porn actors in real life? — Drag myself to the gym — Watch crime films till 5 am — When is she coming back? — Shower and socialise bitch — Reconcile affection and disgust watching him cook — Always liked the soapy smell of that bathroom — Perform — Home feels somewhat strange as if I’ve sneaked into someone’s place secretly — Pass out on the couch — Thanaka mask for hours — She can’t make it — I will be sick if I have to talk — Do you realise this is gonna take years? — Perhaps ought to call One Clever Person — There is some part of God in me I have to respect — Glimpse of dead eyes in the mirror — Not worth it — Skype drink with the Woman I Love — Why didn’t we meet before his leaving? The one positive and least insane person — Don’t pick up — Just gonna pretend this is happening to someone else before it passes — Green tea — Make a massage appointment? — Wine shopping would be great if it didn’t require getting up — Lie about being fine with a number of rehearsed lines — Should I get an iPhone? Sony Ericcson from 1941 is way more hipster, though — Delete Black Friday promotional emails — Think about gym — Is time even passing by? —